Amber Vials

Amber Vials

Not too many things I remember from my childhood…but taking the top off of one of these and pouring the contents over my corn flakes is one of those things I remember VIVIDLY because a weapon was involved.  I think it might've been the first time I can recall ever seeing a gun in my Dad's hands pointed at something, not just in a holster.

I remember my Dad threatening one of his friends for using the contents in one of these little jars, until I told him that I put the sugar on my cereal. We never told Mom about that day.

It wasn't the first time I had tried the oddly popular and not very sweet sugar that all of my Dad's friends loved so much.  It probably wasn't the last time either.  Like I said, I don't remember all that much...just bits and pieces from my childhood.


I don't want y'all to think that my home was always full of adults smoking, drinking and snorting.  It wasn't.  From what I can recall, it was mostly quiet and normal.  Just once in a while my Dad would get a wild hair up his ass and have some friends over.  These gatherings were usually during the hours I was to be in bed already, but as a kid you get up and wanna see what the noise and excitement is all about.  Depending on the mood, sometimes you got whoooooped and sent back to bed OR you were allowed to hangout for a bit.

It's not like my Dad kept me in the kitchen or living room while they snorted in front of me.  I mean, happened a few times.  He was adamant about me not sitting near or hanging around the poker tables.  And that stuck with me, I never did learn how to play poker.  He kept me away not because of gambling, but because the table was full of power, grass, rounds and pistols.   ONE TIME THOUGH...I remember sitting at a poker table with my Nino (a Mexican-Spanish word for Godfather...not to be confused with niño) and drinking a beer on his lap and asking what "that stuff" was while pointing at the little amber viles.  I was told, "Mijo it's candy for adults, don't ever touch it!" - probably not the best explanation.

SIDE SIDE NOTE: Damn I miss the clothes from back in those days.  The shirts were so damn cool.

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