• Dedicated to Sautee

    Sautee was his nickname. Don't ask me how it got there from 'Dude'.

    Long story short. I can't have another dog under the new management at where I live. So I'm saving everything from this store to help me save up enough money to buy my own place with a fenced in yard and doggie door.

  • I do charity design work

    Every year I donate graphic design time and sometimes print to charity organizations. I tend to favor organizations that are for animals, but will absolutely consider others.

    To be transparent, depending on how business has been that year will determine whether or not I can donate print or products for fundraisers, etc. - but I can always make time to donate graphic design services.

    Use the contact form to request charity design time. I love collecting 'Thank You' letters from all of the organizations I've helped.

Donation to BHRSC's Spring Games

In 2023 I was able to donate a few products to BHRSC's Spring Games.

Seen here is Calvin, who won his very own "Chicken?" shower curtain and floor mat in last year's raffle at the BHRSC Spring Games.

Please use the contact form if you have an event that you need graphic design or printing help with.

I am not affiliated with BHRSC, I only donated to them. If you'd like to donate or volunteer some time, please visit them @ bassethoundrescue.org