• Dedicated to Sautee

    This site is dedicated to my very best friend Dude...aka Sautéé. Yes, he spelled it with two French E's...don't ask me why. He was weird like that.

    He passed away in 2019. Since then I've wanted a new BFF, but where I'm living currently does not allow new pets. So believe it or not, all of your sales are going away into a fund to help me buy a place of my own, with a yard and doggie door and lots of stuff in the yard to sniff for my next best friend!

  • Design & Print Services

    Throughout the year, I do consider donating design time (posters, shirts, social media, etc.) for adoption fundraisers and other charity events. -

    Please use the contact form or send me a text with your info and requests. -

    And to be perfectly transparent, the better business is around the time of your request will heavily weigh on whether I can donate print (as it comes out of my pocket). Design time requests are much easier to work with all year round.