• Dedicated to Sautee

    Sautee was his nickname. Don't ask me how it got there from 'Dude'.

    Long story short. I can't have another dog under the new management at where I live. So I'm saving everything from this store to help me save up enough money to buy my own place with a fenced in yard and doggie door.

  • I do charity design work

    Every year I donate graphic design time and sometimes print to charity organizations. I tend to favor organizations that are for animals, but will absolutely consider others.

    To be transparent, depending on how business has been that year will determine whether or not I can donate print or products for fundraisers, etc. - but I can always make time to donate graphic design services.

    Use the contact form to request charity design time. I love collecting 'Thank You' letters from all of the organizations I've helped.