Craigslist Bartering

Craigslist Bartering

Not too long ago my old roomie Mikey had to move out at the last minute to take a job in San Jose, California.  He felt bad with leaving last minute so he left some stuff at my house for me to sell…so I could hopefully make ends meet easier.

Some of the things he left were an Ikea bed set and dresser drawers.

He left a bunch of other random stuff…one of those other things was a laptop.  The laptop was old and crappy, it ran Windows Vista and wouldn’t keep on unless the power chord was still plugged in.

I put the laptop up on Craigslist to see if I could get a cool trade or a few bucks for it.  The offers flowed in, but none of the cash offers were above $60-$70.  I thought I could get more worth if I held on to it for a sweet bartering deal.

My patience paid off.   A dude emailed me about needing that EXACT model for blah blah blah…and he had a DLP projector and would even throw in a DVD player.  – I’m an HDMI guy and watch BluRay/HD movies.  This projector wasn’t and HDMI ported top of the line…but still a pretty cool trade.

The trade goes down and the dude is nice enough. Per usual I lock the plate to memory just in case the trade goes bad.  I bring the projector home.  Eager to test it out, and reap the rewards of patient Craigslist bartering…I power everything on and grab a DVD to put in the tray.

Everything powers up just fine and the tray opens…and this pops out.  It’s called “PROWL #5 – Rough As It Gets” – I would’ve been scarred for life if it started playing mid-scene.   WHEW!

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