Graphic Design & Creative Consulting

Graphic Design & Creative Consulting

Wow...where do I start?

My first paid gig was a furniture store window in Salinas, California many years ago.  A seasonal design request after a store owner (or manager) passed by the window my parents let me paint at our own house.

Since then I've worked for mom 'n' pops, all the way up to corporate design jobs.  I was never able to hold actual 9-5s and have been fired from roughly 40 different jobs.  Since I've never been able to work for others, I just started doing things on my own.  I've taken some college courses, but never applied credits to a degree.  I think about going back sometimes.  I'm proficient in some Adobe programs and am familiar with most of their creative suite.  I'm also a seasoned photographer.  Mostly weddings and nightlife events.

As far as design goes.  If you've ever owned a pet and purchased food or other products at any of the large chains, there's a chance you've seen my work.  If you've ever had burgers at a chain on the east coast, there's a chance you've seen my work.  If you've ever been to a restaurant where the bartenders flip bottles and shit, you might've seen my work.  If you've ever had a gourmet hot dog in some of the arenas & stadiums in the U.S., you might've seen my work.  If you've ever been in the southwest and had a meal at one of several chain restaurants there, you might've seen my work.  If you've ever been to famous comedy clubs, you might've seen my work.

Admittedly, I've never designed a cereal box.  It is on my bucket list...since I was a kid.  Bonus and a hug to anyone that can refer a breakfast cereal box design gig to me.

From Japan & Hawaii. California to New York. My work has traveled in print, design or stemming from a consult to cities across the globe.  Labels, take-out containers, art for corporate walls, menus, t-shirts, boxes, packaging, posters, logos, stickers, slogans, mottos, HR manuals, HR games, vinyl/vehicle wraps, brochures and much more.

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Though my website is now dedicated to my own spare time goofy designs...I assure you that I'm still taking design AND creative consulting gigs. 

I understand, appreciate and respect NDAs.  I sign and comply to their full time frames, down the the last day.  They're your ideas once you've paid for them, I'll forget I was ever there.

Willing to consult online via video, but I'm better in-person.  I don't suit and tie online, unless I'm getting paid extra...not a joke.  If you've been referred by a past client, you know what I do and how I work.  Make an offer and retain me for a few weeks and I'll suit up (or not) every single day with your creative department or HR until my time is up.  Don't need a rental car, just book me a room near the office and feed me while I'm there.  We'll get shit done.

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