Hard Hat Matt

Hard Hat Matt

When I first moved into Tempe from out of the Marine Corps, I stayed with my friend Jesse for a couple of months…then I needed to get my own place because a man can only take so much of sleeping on a couch.

As far back as I can remember in my choppy memory, I’ve almost always had some form of couch-crasher, floor sleeper or moocher living in my home with me.  For the first time ever in my life, the only moocher I currently have is my dog.

My days on 9th & Ash are peppered with bad memories.  I know I had more good times than bad times there but the bad truly outweigh the good in this case…even if they don’t outnumber the good.  Anyhow, this doesn’t really qualify as a “GOOD” memory but it makes me smile from time to time.

At 9th & Ash we had several Matts who partied with us.  There was Blue Matt (had blue eyes), Red Matt (was a ginger) and I think there were a Brown Matt and a Black Matt (black Matt was not an African-American) others.  My old roomie and longtime friend Max would know for sure.

Here’s a picture of Max (on the right) and I (on the left):

Max with a grocery bag beard extension.

This isn’t about Max though…more on Max later I suppose.  This is just to tell you that one day Blue Matt was drinking on top of his car with his shirt off.  He was so drunk that he rolled off.  Not like you roll out of bed rolling…but like his feet went over his head rolling.  And not off of the hood or trunk but off of the very top of the vehicle.  I laughed...but I was concerned.  Concerned just long enough to see him pop up on the other side of the car like nothing had happened.

He stood up straight, brushed himself off, opened his car door, pulled out a hardhat, put it on and sat back up on his car to continue drinking.  Safety first.

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