No Send Backs

No Send Backs

Per usual, to give you a more complete feeling of why the dream may have happened - or to help you make your own interpretation of the dream, I am going to describe some of the surrounding factors of that time:

This dream took place the day after Thanksgiving in 2013...I think. 

As usual the holiday was spent alone.  Not because I wasn’t invited anywhere…but because being around others with THEIR families actually bums me out more than if I were alone.  Not being around my family for long periods of time changed me and not in a good way…I needed to get back home to California.  Couldn't make a permanent move though, until I could either move my daughter with me or until I could make arrangements with her mother.  Unless you’ve ever been stuck in a situation like it, you’d struggle to understand. 

One major stress factor at this time was definitely my roommate.  You’ll get more on him in another post.  I needed a new roommate because I wasn't prepared to handle the rent, the internet and the freshly acquired Direct TV. Without a little help, it would be tough on my own.

I hadn't been out much.  Had not been to a restaurant, game, concert, comedy show, bar or club…which is part of the reason why this next dream is such a strange one.

side note: I’m watching “Temple of Doom” and I totally want a little sidekick friend who knows Kung Fu.  More importantly I want a turban but I don’t know how to make turbans. – end note.


In this dream I’m with friends…I don’t recall who but they’re close enough to me that I feel comfortable introducing them to the door guy at the club we’re entering.  I mention this because I don’t usually vouch for someone to a door guy or bartender unless I know and trust that person well.

The colors in the dream are dark green and purple…there are chain linked fences and dark bricks.  The walls seem to be gleaming from condensation and sweat from all the dancing people.  It feels like something you’d see in an 80’s movie featuring underground New York (this might be relevant because I’ve been painting the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on a guitar).

I’m not asked to pay a cover (photographer’s perks) and I proceed to the bar area.  The bar is on an elevated platform and the waiting area to the steps is down near the drinking area / the dancefloor is very narrow.  I stop at the bar and direct my friends to find us a table, and let them know that I’ll place our first order with the bartender.  I do this out of habit now - EVEN IN MY DREAMS. 

In real life however, I would do this because I often knew the bartenders better than the cocktailers…so when I’d place my first order with the bartender (who would usually discount stuff) it was more likely that when the ticket was transferred to our server, she’d take notice of the discounted ticket THEN ask the bartender if he/she was discounting anymore off the tab.  A money saving technique.  This usually worked well, especially in the places where my friends were general managers or owners working bartending shifts.  Otherwise I'm just another asshole in the bar and she rings it up like normal and I pay normal prices.

Back to the dream…I placed my order and begin to walk to the table that my friends had picked.  I scope out the dance floor and the rest of the bar.  I see some familiar faces.  I see some famous and beautiful women…and at least one person I know that doesn’t mean well, but he’s keeping to himself for once.  Fuck him though.  Why is he even here?

It’s a colorful crowd and the night should be alright.  As I was about to step down to the dance floor…a damn monkey runs right by me.  He runs passed swiftly but carefully with both hands holding a glass of milk.  Right behind the milk holding monkey, is the asshole convenience store clerk from the 'Amazing Spider-Man' movie (T-Bone played by Michael Barra who is also an original cast member of the Bronx Tale Musical on Broadway by Chazz Palminteri).

The monkey arrives @ his table before "Bartender Barra"…but not by much.  It’s after a few seconds that I realize they’re arguing over the milk…or something to do with the milk.

I’m entranced by the music and hopelessly in love with the idea of a man and a monkey arguing over milk!!!  I MUST KNOW MORE!

Then the monkey attempts to walk back to the bar…and gets chased off by "Bartender Barra" again.  With determination I begin to walk towards the argument…but then I notice the bartender put our drinks on the bar and then the "Bartender Barra" grabs the tray and begins to bring them over to our table.  SWEET, I can just ask him!


So, the bartender gets to our table and places our drinks down.  Just before he leaves I say, “Dude!  What was going on over there with you and that monkey?”

With the meanest, prickiest look you could ever imagine he says, “Our ice machine is broken so the drinks aren’t as cold as usual…but NO SEND BACKS!”

Apparently the milk wasn’t cold enough and the monkey wanted to send it back???  What in theeee fuck???  Where in the hell does a milk drinking monkey come from in my subconscious and show up in my dream?  How am I supposed to interpret a monkey running with a glass of milk he wasn’t quite satisfied with?

The dream ends with me getting ready to take a piss.  Oddly though I’m barefoot and in the boys locker room urinal @ Washington Junior High School (in Salinas, California) and the floor is wet.  I don’t know why I’m barefoot but I’m being extra careful looking for dry spots to step in on my way to the urinal.  Once I find my spot, I start pissing. –  DREAM ENDS and as usual, I’ve gotta take a leak BAAAAD.

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