The Fountain Master

The Fountain Master

I was walking around in the middle of the night with my tripod and my friend Adam.  We had our cameras and we were looking for something unique to photograph.  I had an event to photograph at a local outdoor shopping mall a couple weeks out and wanted to get a good look at the place before I snapped it…like a good event photographer does.

When I got there, I noticed that they didn’t turn off the lights nor did they stop the fountains from running.  I took a chair from a patio restaurant, setup my tripod and put the timer on.  As I lifted my arms, the fountains spouted.  I felt like Mickey in Fantasia.  Something was missing in the pictures though…MY WIZARD HAT!

After roaming the mall for a few minutes, I found an orange traffic cone and finding that cone would prove to show just how much of my mind is lost!

The Fountain Master!

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