Wedding @ Bayer Estate, A Migraine & A Dream About Pizza

Wedding @ Bayer Estate, A Migraine & A Dream About Pizza

Per usual, to give you a more complete feeling of why the dream may have happened – or to help you make your own interpretation of the dream, I am going to describe some of the factors of that current time:

This particular evening, I had ordered a pizza from Round Table Pizza near my hotel while in Oahu.  I was photographing a wedding for a friend of mine.  As you may know, I suffer from migraines and I get them often.  I had experienced one of the worst ones EVER the day of the wedding.  Unfortunately I couldn't just take the day just don't flake on a wedding day.

I take Percocet for the pain, and when the wedding ended and I got back to my room...I immediately took a couple.  I ran down to Round Table, ordered the pizza, paid, etc.  By the time I got back up to my room with the pizza, I had only like two bites before I passed out.  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ROUND TABLE PIZZA...and I couldn't even finish a slice that day, that's how bad the migraine was.

As we no longer have Round Table Pizza in the Phoenix Metro area, I had been thinking about it ever since I noticed they were near my hotel.  Like I was thinking about it throughout the wedding, EVEN with a pounding migraine.

———- plop into my bed ———- TV plays as I sleep ———- enter dream ———-

I'm at the Bayer Estate.  It's such a beautiful little venue.  One of the most memorable places I've ever been, which is probably why I'm dreaming about it.  It seems that I'm simply reliving the evening and events of the wedding, which was just a few hours ago.  

People are dancing, and I'm hungry.  People are laughing, and I'm hungry.  People are kissing, and I'm hungry.  All I can think about is food.  I see cupcakes, I see steak, I see soups and salads...I see food that is unrecognizable...because it's dream food.  Weird tropical foods, I suppose are to be symbolic of Hawaii...because it's beauty is still fresh in my mind.

In my dream, the entire wedding is taking place at night.  There are tiki torches all over, no one is wearing shoes and it's very warm.  Even in my dream it's very warm (so warm in fact that I left my balcony door open before i went to sleep in real life).  EVERYONE IS LOVING EVERY MOMENT.  Everyone except me.  I'm totally stressed about a pizza that I'm going to be late to receive.  (during real life, I was stressing out thinking about whether or not Round Table Pizza would even be open when I got done with the wedding). Apparently in my dream, I had already ordered delivery, and I kept thinking I was going to miss the pizza delivery guy.

I'm holding my camera in my dream.  I lift the camera to my eyeball and as I zoom in to photograph some old people sitting at one of the dinner tables...I notice that they're eating ROUND TABLE PIZZA!! Boxes and boxes of beautiful Round Table Pizza!!  With a quickness I snap a few photos and get ready to run over to their table to get a bite - but I'm trapped in the camera's view!  Like, I can't get out of the view I see from the viewfinder.  All I can see is what that little square eyepiece allows me to see.  Pin view, tunnel it whatever, but I AM STUCK!

I try everything to get out of the camera view.  I zoom in, I zoom out.  Slowly and rapidly I try.  With all of my might I attempt to pry the camera from my face and nothing is working.

So with the camera still attached to my face, I think to myself, "Maybe if I just turn the camera'll kind of reset itself???" - This is exactly what I do, with the camera STILL attached to my face, I reach my finger around to the power lever and I switch my Olympus off.  EVERYTHING GOES BLACK.

For a few seconds, I see nothing but darkness.  I flip the power lever back to the 'ON' position and I have vision again.  I'm zoomed & focused right @ the old people's table where the Round Table Pizza boxes are ... but now, they are ... EMPTY.  Total sad face.

Camera still at my face, I zoom out.  As my view zooms out, I feel like my soul is being sucked out as well, like physically being sucked out.  The feeling is intense, like being on a rollercoaster going up a loop.  I want to say that the realization of no Round Table Pizza intensified the feeling of zooming emptiness.  As I'm zooming out and my soul is being drained, I begin dropping the camera from my face.  As my arm drops, with camera in hand...I find myself in my hotel room.

So one second I'm sad about not seeing any pizza left on the old people's table CUT TO standing @ my hotel door hearing a knock.  I open the door and it's a cute girl in a green polo shirt.  She's got a visor on and she's holding a pizza box...a ROUND TABLE PIZZA BOX!!!!  I rip the pizza box from her hands, shut the door, sit on the hotel bed in front of the TV and get ready to dive in!

!!!KNOCK!!! - !!!KNOCK!!! - !!!KNOCK!!!

"What the fuck??? I just sat down!!!" - I think to myself.  I get up and walk back to the door and open it.  Who is it?  The cute green shirted girl.  She says, "This money doesn't work!".  What the fuck does that mean right?  I'm SOOOO damn hungry.  I reach in my pocket and pull out what seems to be like 3 other $20 dollar bills.  I hand over...ALL OF THEM.  With a little smirk, she happily says..."That'll do." - and she darts off.  I peek out into the hallways to watch her leave, to see if she has a cute butt.  I can't get a good look because she shrinks as she leaves.  Don't ask??


In one swift motion, I let out a sigh of relief, step back as I'm shutting the door and spin around to run to my pizza.  As I complete my 180 ballet of pizza pursuit motion, I run into a mental BRICK WALL when I see this:




————————————YOU ASSHOLE!——————————————-

Don't know why.  Don't know where.  Don't know how.  But fuckin' Orlando Bloom is sitting on a couch in my house eating my fuckin' pizza!  Not only is he sitting in my house (yes, just a few seconds ago I was in a hotel room...but this is dream stuff we're dealing with) but he's in his laying on the damn thing!  Wearing regular street clothes but with his blonde LOTR hair.

I'm in shock!  As he takes a slice off the box, the cheese stretches.  As the cheese further does he on my couch!?!?!?  He's got blonde hair, like in the Lord of The Rings movies.  I love those movies!  Why is he here?  Why is he eating my pizza?  The stretching of him and the pizza cheese seems to go on forrrrrrrrrEVER.

"Mate, I'm'd y'know?" , he says with that awesome British accent.

I'm pissed!  I dart at him for my pizza but he's so nimble...JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIES!  The harder I try to get my pizza back, the faster he becomes and the slower I am.  Again, just like when you're scared in a dream and you become slow motion...THAT WAS ME!  Seems like an hour passes and all I can do is watch him continue to eat my Round Table PizzaDown to the last HALF slice.

Orlando Bloom in his blonde elf hair, and now full dressed as 'Legolas - Prince of the Woodland Realm', plops the pizza box down on my coffee table.  I notice there is only crust and half a slice left.  He says, "Don't worry mate, I'll pitch in for anotha'pie tomorrow!  Gotta go!" - then he jumps out of my hotel balcony sliding door and flies away like a damn superhero.

I'm heart broken.  Not only heart broken, I'm actually broken.  Like my body starts giving up and falling down.  I feel like I'm melting.   I'm so damn sad, but at the same time...I feel kind of good.  My face is melting...or getting warm.

----I WAKE UP-----

Drool on my pillow and my beard is drenched.  I'm noticeably high on my pain meds, the migraine is gone.  A bit of sleep was all I needed.  Round Table Pizza box still on my hotel room table - and there's almost an entire pizza left!  YESSSSSS!!!!  Thank Gandalf. 

----That wasn't the last time, I'd see Orlando Bloom in my dreams however...little did I know, he'd be back.----

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