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Losing My Mind (They're All Talking About You) - Area Rugs

Losing My Mind (They're All Talking About You) - Area Rugs

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This photo was snapped during a pretty dark time in my life. It also happens to be one of my happiest looking photos. On the surface it is just another candy bear with a bit off head...and it can brighten any room with it's mood.

Are the other bears gathered behind to spread lies and create rumors about the outcast that stands before them? Are they happy to see the demise of their peer? Does one of them actually feel bad? Why did it have to be the red one? What is the green one saying to the orange one?

Or was this just supposed to be a funny group photo because many people love to bite the heads off of their gummie bears? Bouncing here and there and everywhere. (vectorized in Adobe Illustrator for larger prints)

Available in 3 sizes - 24x36 inches, 36x60 inches and 48x72 inches, in horizontal and vertical shapes, this durable area rug will surely make a style statement in any room. Add playful, colorful or stylish graphics to effortlessly match your aesthetics. This area rug features hemmed edges and a coated backing, ready for any flat-lay design.

.: 100% Polyester Chenille
.: Multiple sizes
.: Hemmed edges
.: Grey underside
.: Note: Pre-constructed item. Size variance: 24" × 36" +/- 2"; 36" × 60" +/- 3"; 48" × 72" +/- 3.5";

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